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  1. A beautiful book. My best friend took his life a few days before he was going to move to RI and begin a new job here. We thought he was going to make it. The sadness I feel does not overshadow the privilege, joy and honor of having known him. There’s a bit of Josh’s timeless message in all of us. Thank you. Kevin

  2. I first heard about your son Josh threw my friend Patty Ward, I would like to say how very very sorry I am. My son Seth took his life this June 14 2013, he was 36 and the love of my life. I can not imagine life without him. Your story is so familiar to me, it is very hard to write this. so I will leave you for now saying I am so greatfull for your work and would like to meet you one day. Would have loved to attend your music gathering. Love, and wishing you strength threw this most devistating tragedy . Gail

    • Gail, thank you so much for your post. Words cannot begin to express how sorry I am to hear of the loss of your son. We know the pain all too well. We hope to have another benefit event in the future, and will post on our facebook page if/when one is set (www.facebook.com/weallmoveon). You can like/follow our page to be aware of the latest information and announcements. Sending love and strength to you as well. -Josh’s sister, Maggie

  3. John, Thank you for dropping the shirt off. I just made a donation to WAMO in my son, Jonathan Knudsen’s, honor in memory of Josh. Jon and Josh were friends since elementary school. Jon said he was such an amazing and talented guitarist. Thinking of your family. Best wishes, Sonya Bieler

  4. I have been trying to call Josh to no avail and last night tried to google him to get his email address and came across this article I am so sorry for your loss John I don’t know if you remember me I was the guy on Gibbs ave in Newport that gave him lessons for about 6 months and told him to go to the jam sessions, Josh was a special guy on a mission of learning the blues, I am truly sorry that I did not know of his death until now I will have him in my thoughts BK

  5. Dear Barbers, Today a friend gave me a copy of the November 13, 2011 Providence Journal article about your son. I was deeply touched by your story and how you have been able to make a meaningful response to the loss of your beautiful and talented artist. Mary and I lost our middle son Mikey in May of 2010 under many of the same circumstances and we are just now starting to think about what we can do to work for change in our own mental health community. Your story inspires us and gives us hope that we can honor our son’s life in a deep and meaningful way. Thank you for telling Josh’s story and yours.

  6. To Joshua, Godspeed. To those who loved Joshua, I am a mother with a 32 year old son who took his own life, and I want you to know that when you give your grief a voice, it cannot defeat you. To those who believe their lives are not valuable, I want you to know that you are mistaken. Thank you for opening another locked door to the subject, the myth and the reality of suicide. I send my strength and my love to you all! I’m right behind you! Joanne Mazzotta Author of Why Whisper?

  7. I cannot fathom the pain you have had to endure since Josh has left us. To turn that pain into such a much needed and crucial cause as this is extraordinary. I deal with loved ones who suffer depression and it is a very difficult and scary disease. God Bless and Good Luck

  8. Maggie, just wanted to thank you and your parents for the hard work you are all doing that will benefit so many families and is such a beautiful tribute. I’m making a donation in honor of my sister. God bless you and your family for seeking out solutions!

  9. Darla, John and Maggie, I saw the article dedicated to Josh and WAMO in this Sundays ProJo…and was stopped in my tracks. What a wonderful and inspiring way to remember Josh and to help countless others. Seeing that painting, it’s hard knowing there was such pain behind such amazing talent, musically and artistically. You and your wonderful extended family are all in my thoughts, and I hope you are well and finding solace in each other. Love Tamm

  10. I read the article on your son/brother, Josh….beautiful young man, died without the supports he deserved in place…I am a clinician who understands that there continue to be gaps in our system – I would be honored to help your cause- I, too, lost loved family members to suicide and feel total devastation of their loss…Josh was a great artist…his self portrait was compelling and filled with pathos. Let me know if I can help. God bless you and yours

  11. I saw your face in the newspaper and a tear rolled down my cheek..my heart goes out to three of you I know all too well the pain that you are experiencing because I have lived it. What you are doing is wonderful and so nedded in our world..I would love to stay in touch and perhaps help in some way.. Sincerely Valerie Baco

  12. I was lucky enough to grow up with Josh. He was a best friend, a prom date, and a rockstar! He leaves behind an incredible legacy and amazing family. You all have a piece of my heart. This is a beautiful tribute to him. Xoxo

  13. I will never forget all the special memories Josh brought into my and my daughter’s lives. We will never forget his music or the amazing, warm, loving person he was.

  14. OH, the music!!! Wow, what a fabulous gathering of friends and family to support a wonderful cause. Others will be helped from the donations from so many people and businesses. Forward March for next year’s event! Josh, I continue to be proud of you every day…my “Pride and Joy” Love, Aunt Pen

  15. Darla, John, Maggie & Justin, Sunday was an amazing tribute to Josh. Your undying devotion to getting the word out for this cause is remarkable. I was -once again- blown away by your strength Maggie. Our thoughts are with each of you, as We all Move On. Much love to a loving family.

  16. Darla, John, and Maggiem Your family and friends only hope that you were as proud of Sunday’s celebration as we all were! We are so proud of you! It was a beautiful honor and remembrance of Joshua… So well organized, so enjoyed, so moving. Maggie, you did an incredible job speaking… sharing that e-mail was important…and I hope that you recognize all of your efforts and hard work for WAMO and future goals. The love that you have for Josh and way you are using it to motivate change for others who are suffering and in need of the proper attention, is in a league of its own. You are all courageous, inspiring, and motivating. You have put forth a change that will last forever. We support all you are doing and have plans to do. We love you all. Shannon and family Xoxo

  17. Maggie, We couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you so much. You are the light of our lives. And thanks to so many friends and family who attended on Sunday. A big thanks to all the great entertainment and to the Narragansett Cafe. Thank you Cathy and John!

  18. Hey!! Sunday’s event was excellent!! You did an awesome job putting it all together. I think you should book it now as a yearly thing! Every last Sunday of October 🙂 Curious about how much was raised on Sunday! Love all you Barbers! Laura

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